About us

Established in September 2017, TTC Defence INC is developing products that use high-value solution to defend against terrorist threats and explosives. Experts in various fields and sustainable portfolio management are our strength and, as of June 27, 2019, TTC Defence was listed on the KONEX. (KOREA NEW EXCHANGE)


Our Philosophy


We value high satisfaction of our customers and shareholders. To build trust, we operate a transparent and ethical management system.

Continuous Growth

We strive to build and optimize our business portfolio and incorporate an efficient risk management system that will be the foundation for our success.

Future Research

We constantly research social trends and analyze customer needs in order to pursue accurate assessments in the future.

Social Contribution

We will always pursue sharing our values in order to build a better and more holistic society.


TTC Defence consists of dedicated professionals with outstanding academic qualification and industry experience,
Strong communication and professionalism allows our team members to be successful at what they are so passionate about.

윤성욱 (Sung Wook Yoon)

CEO, Co-Founder


Kyoto University, Graduate School of Law
Korea National Defense University, Graduate School of Defense Management, Weapon system


· TTC DEFENCE, INC. : Founder, Chief Executive Officer
· Ritter Defense Corporation INC. : Chief Executive Offier, Private Military Company
· NOVA PLUS : Chief Executive Officer, Special Logistics
· JT.Korea : Chief Executive Officer, Korea-Japan Trading consulting
· STX Corporation : Legal team, Law Consulting

박경철 (Kyung Chul Park)



Aju University, School of Enginerring, Mechanical Engineering


· TTC DEFENCE, INC. : Chief Technology Officer
· CS Mecatronics: Chief Executive Officer
· Projects: Mecanum Robot, Autonomous Driving Self-Driving Robot, Ultrasonic wave & X-ray Nondestructive Testing Equipment, Non-Memory Semiconductor Packing Equipment, etc.
· The 7th Korea Robot Awards, Intelligent Robot Technology Grand Prize
· The 8th Korea Robot Awards, Intelligent Robot Technology Grand Prize