What we do

TTC Defence INC is developing products that use high-value solution to defend against terrorist threats and explosives.


Anti – Drone

TTC has made great efforts to develop “low-cost, high-efficiency detection systems” for low-altitude drones and holds two patents for low-altitude airborne warning systems that have been valued at 14.3 billion won by the relevant patent office. By detecting drones in the air, “LAW” can dramatically improve the coverage limits that conventional ground-based sensors inevitably have.

TTC DEFENCE`s patented detection tool
Unlike radar, the acoustic sensors can easily distinguish between birds and small-sized unmanned aerial vehicles. TTC developed its own patent detection technology, which combines sound-based sensors with EO/IR sensors.

Airborne Early Warning (AEW) operates radar in the air to detect much larger areas than the ground. Therefore, if the TTC`s detection system is also operated in the air, the detection range can be significantly wider than the ground due to reduced interference and scattering effects from the terrain. This equipment can replace expensive radar equipment with limited performance, which can be used extensively as a means of monitoring/examination of facilities such as borders and factories in all border countries as well as unmanned aerial vehicles.