What we do

TTC Defence INC is developing products that use high-value solution to defend against terrorist threats and explosives.


Stab-Proof vest

The bulletproof/inspection suits that were delivered by the police officers of the sages were placed in the trunk of the patrol car, but they were found to be troublesome in the event of a real emergency. Following this request, the main equipment department of the National Police Agency started development of the system as a request for the application of “stab proof panels” to all-in-one vests worn by police field personnel.

At the request of the National Police Agency, we designed a method of inserting “stab proof panels” into our new all-in-one external vest and completed the design with an integral side and fuselage, taking into account various cases of knife-induced news and the protected area of the screen. The focus was on developing the world`s most flexible “stab proof panels” solution to enable on-site personnel to move more quickly and comfortably than traditional products.